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Bead Soup

Posted by fionatranter on March 8, 2014 at 9:00 AM

One of my local bead shops has started selling tubes of bead soup. These are collections of beads that are left over from various classes and projects the shop has going on. The nice thing about the tubes of beads is the selection of shapes and sizes in one package that are arranged in colour themes.

Recently Jean Campbell blogged about a snow day and how her daughter amused herself for most of the day making a simple necklace that could be worn twelve different ways. The necklace is a simple 45 inch loop of strung beads. The challenge was then to see if the necklace could be worn more than twelve ways!

This necklace is strung on Soft Flex Touch, flexible nylon coated beading wire with excellent drape, and is approximately 45 inches in length. I used two sterling silver crimp beads to close the loop and added some silver beads to the mix to help the crimp beads blend in.

A quick and easy project that is very versitile and fun to wear.

These pictures show the necklace knotted like a lariat, but the loop is long enough to be wrapped around the neck several times.

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