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Elasticated Jewelry

Posted by fionatranter on March 11, 2014 at 7:30 PM

I love the way this bracelet turned out. It looks like many of my other bracelets that incorporate Lampwork glass beads and bead weaving however there is one big difference - there is no clasp!

I have been asked several times whether its possible to make nice looking jewelry with elastic for ease of use. This was my first attempt and I think it came out rather well. I used a woven elastic with a fabric outer for added strength, rather than the usual Stretch Magic Elastic. I found the elastic in a sewing shop, but I was able to knot it and glue it securley. The knot is hidden in the tube of herringbone woven beadwork.

The Lampwork beads were made by an artist who resides in Door County, Wisconsin, USA.

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