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National Quilting Day

Posted by fionatranter on March 15, 2014 at 9:00 PM

Today is National Quilting Day in the US. Celebrating the third Saturday in March as National Quilting Day started back in 1991 when the National Quilt Association voted to adopt a special day and recognize the heritage and tradition associated with quilts and the craft of quilting in American History.

In recent years the National Quilting Association has organized a competition for a quilt design that can become the National Quilting Day Quilt. This years quilt (the 2013 winner) was designed by Evelyn Young of LeRoy Illinois and is available as a PDF here (scroll to the bottom of the page).

The quilt is called Stash Attack and I decided to give it a go. However instead of delving into my stash I decided to use fabric scraps. I keep all my fabric scraps - whether its the left overs from a quilt, making binding or clothes - in a colourful set of draws. I try to keep the scraps organized by colour and have a separate draw for finished blocks and different types of fabric such as flannel and canvas.

My stash of fabric scraps

I did not set out with a plan, other than to use my fabric scraps. I made 5 blocks today and now need to decide what shape to make the finished design. I may also make some additional blocks, in a more planned design and make them into cushion covers.

They are fun blocks to make and with the 6.5 x 4.5 inch fabric piece, its also a good design for showing off relatively large patterns. The finished block is 10.5 square, so you can cover a large area with relatively little piecing.

Stash Buster Blocks

With three purple blocks I must have a lot of purple fabric in my scarp draws. However I don't have much purple in my fabric stash. Perhaps that is because I have used it all!!! Anyhow, I'll have to find some complementary colours to finish the remaining blocks.

Happy Quilting!

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