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Crochet Heart

Posted by fionatranter on June 30, 2014 at 10:40 PM

Since my aha moment last year concerning bead crochet I have been enjoying using the technique to create bangles and ropes. Once you have the beads threaded the project becomes very portable and I've been able to crochet on the plane and in the car and at art and craft fairs. These days even threading the beads is less of a chore as I have a bead spinner and can finally use it successfully.

Here is one of my latest projects. The Lisa Peters Raku ceramic heart was the inspiration for the colours in this piece. The rope was crocheted with tiny size 11 Japanese delica beads and I added a modified Russian leaf to give the heart a little more interest.

The delica beads crochet like a charm. They fall into place very nicely and create a lovely even rope. I used a combination cotton/ polyester thread, which gives the piece great durability with all the drape of a 100% cotton thread.

The sterling silver clasp came from Silver Dash and fits this size rope perfectly. The rope is 6 beads round. The necklace is approximately 18 inches in length and the heart and leaf are just over 1 inch and it's available for purchase in my web store.

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